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November Gratitudes

(A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the fun of posting one thing I am grateful for, every day of November till Thanksgiving.  I have seen a few variations, all of them are wonderful- they all lift the heart.  This year I’m going to work on my Gratitudes Game here.)

Today I am grateful for a great neighborhood.  It is a very relaxed place for special needs kids, probably because there are several families in a row that have special needs of one sort or another.


Whatever the reason, no one bats an eye at a 6 foot tall Minion, or an Elsa that is almost that tall.  I had a great time with my neighbor as my daughters had fun pushing her daughter’s wheelchair up and down the streets.  We felt led to this house when we moved here, tho I didn’t know why- this is just one of the moments I have found to be grateful. ❤

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