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Snapshots from a very very long 4 weeks.

Well, Dear Friends in Blogland,

This has been a mondo last few days.  Actually, to be fair- it has been a humungous ginormous last four weeks, but I’m kinda hoping this weekend was a climax of sorts, so we can slow things down a bit.  Because I seriously want to highlight some of the highs and lows of late, but I am having a hard time finding enough calm-quiet-alone time to do any writing.  I have one of those rare half-hours, so lets see how I do.  Here we go.

Well, let’s see…..

Getting thru to the end of the school semester took almost all I had to give.   And a lot of support from Heaven.   On the good side, I (barely) remembered in time to get myself online and order gifts for “Santa”.  ( I LOVE online shopping, especially when I am so tired.)  Kydee is absolutely having the time of her life being in High School.  Going to her orchestra concerts has turned into a mom and youngest kind of thing, tho’, we leave everyone else home.

Last concert of the semester

Last concert of the semester for Kydee.  Awesome!

Dad helping get thru a photography assignment

Dad helping get thru a photography class assignment.



Not many traditions have survived the stress, but we managed to keep the Day after Thanksgiving gingerbread decorating.

DK had a bittersweet semester.  He is doing really well in keeping up in his classes except his favorite one-Mainstream Drama.  Unknown to us, he had been carefully and quietly not telling anyone that he had writing homework in that class, and it was not until the teacher reached out to his spec-ed teacher that we found out how close to failing he was.  So with a lot of help from both teachers, they pulled him thru; but with a lot of emails between me and the counselors, we decided that that maistream class just wasn’t equipped to provide the help DK needs.  Oh were we sad that week– I still agree with the school on this, and we replaced it with PE which he is enjoying. But I would still recommend Drama class at some point for any kids list of helps needed- it has helped sooooo much in DK’s maturity and ability to read facial and body language.  Oh, and if you ever get a teacher willing to bend over backwards and go the extra mile to help pull your kids thru a hard time, make SURE you tell them how much they are appreciated!!!

But the end of the semester came, and we all breathed sighs of relief to see passing grades for everyone YAY!!!!!!! Then I had just 3 days to try to clean my house for the holiday and visit from Grandma and Grandpa.   I didn’t make it, but close enough.


Letting the kids do the decorating leads to some fun finds… looking around the tree I started finding little story vignettes, like this elf riding the reindeer.

...and the sister fairies holding hands :)

…and the sister fairies holding hands 🙂


Huge Hugs always make everything better!

I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have loved ones so willing to be un-judgemental and just uplifting.  (Santa scored awesome, by the way- not many gifts this year, I was too tired, and so was the wallet after such a huge surgery– but careful thinking paid off)



3 more days for Grandpa to try to help with the boys room remodels (yup- still working at it, we are so slow when mom doesn’t feel well and Dad’s job is in overdrive deadline mode).  I also was packing at a whirlwind pace and stocking the pantry and fridge, in and around kids’ migraine needs and rather constantly climbing stress.

Then almost instantly, it was the day before New Year’s Eve–P1020577 and time to hop a plane- for a trip up to the cold Utah weather for a family Wedding.  Now flying is great fun, but not fun enough for oldest to want to overcome claustrophobia and migraines and other travel stressors. We had already planned for that, and Hubby stayed home with him, and I had the other kids with me… oh, and part of


kids loved hearing about ancestor part in building doors, etc.

December’s budget had gone to revamping our cold weather gear, seems everyone grew at least 3 sizes since the last time we went up for snow.  🙂

But it was good- and all my kids can now say that they know how to dress for 0 degree temps.  🙂


At the Salt Lake Temple grounds- it was a “warm” 13 degrees that day.

I was also happy to find that my ability to drive in the snow was still in good working order.  My kids thought it was fun to know that mom can drive a truck, tho’ they are all glad that we don’t have to borrow Grandpa’s king cab pickup all the time- a pile of 6 foot tall kids are  just too big for it.


Then without pause to breathe- we flew home on Sunday after New Year’s, and school started on Monday.  I think this was just toooooo much of a whirlwind push for my sweeties.  Even tho it was fun, and family; and even tho’ I made sure to rent a hotel so that I could get all my kids out of the happy chaos in time to keep their sleep schedule on track, by Sunday– I had to almost carry some very wiped out asd teens thru the airport.  I am kind blessed that they trust me enough that most of the meltdowns were kept to just tears and hands in tight fists, but I could see the toll it was taking.  Even in health- the seasonal common cold bug that the kids brought home at the end of last semester was just not letting up for TeaRose, her immune system had just had too much to do this year.  But I told them that the first day of the semester was too important to miss, and then I let her stay home sick then next day.  But still, the collateral damage of long-term trauma is hard to miss- I had to buy a hair catcher for the shower to handle all the silent strands of witnesses.

Well- somehow we got up to speed, mostly, and  get to last weekend–it’s the end of the 3rd week of the semester, and it has been rocky.  But you know, these are the times that warriors are made.  We’re still happy- The Lord is good.

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