My name is Shareen.

I am the mom of 5 kids, ages 13 to 21,  the oldest 4 are all High Functioning Autistic at one level or another, and my hubby is Asperger and Awesome.  My kids are so smart, (hubby too) that I find myself facing mountains of reverse prejudice- because the kids look normal, talk normal (on the surface), are tall, and reasonably capable in sports, etc., no one wants to believe the “mom” that they don’t have a behavior problem- they have an understanding the world problem.

So, I started researching, and hunting the internet, looking for ways to help them cope.   Especially in their school struggles.  Finally in March 2009 I found the words “autism” and “asperger” for the very first time.  (and now, even with a diagnosis, most of them still don’t qualify for IEP help because their school test scores are too high) … the last few years have been a rabbit-hole of learning on power-drive for me.  Right now I have been going through trying to cope with home-schooling the older boys, learn the red-tape dance with the schools and what helps they are and are not willing to give, move everyone to the next stage of schooling, and on the side, learn blogging and reaching out through the internet, just so that I don’t feel so alone.
Hope to hear from you,



I’m Mom, and I love the 5 in my care
For my heart’s a teacher and mother Bear-
And I was born with an artist’s soul, but
I think in Iambic Pentameter.

I pretend I’m normal during the day-
but the words in my head all like to play
till safe at home they jump onto the page
in Rhymes and in dancing Limericks

You think it’s funny, or maybe untrue
But be careful now, for I’m telling you…
It might just suddenly happen to you
You’ll think in Iambic Pentameter
-by Shareen Halliday, April 9, 2012

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