Guest Posts (seeing the Autistic perspective)

Guest Post- Blue

Today’s Poetry is written by my sweet Tea-Rose.  She said  “Everyone says blue is a sad color; but it’s not.”  So she set out to share some blue happiness.


Blue is the color of seas and skies,
Blue’s the shade of butterflies.
Blue is the bird that softly soars,
Blue’s the rain that gently pours.
Blue is the Shell that the Ocean brings,
Blue is the brook that sings and sings.
Blue is the glittering of Sapphires,
Blue’s the hottest of a Blacksmith’s fires.
Blue is fireworks on the Fourth of July,
Blue is Forget-Me-Nots saying not to cry.
Blue is the magical fun of dragonflies,T- fun- Jan 2016
Blue’s the tears of joy in Grandma’s eyes.

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“With the Light” A reader’s review from a new perspective

I have had moments to wonder why Manga is so very attractive to my kids.  They read very well, but if given the choice- it will be manga.  Well,  I started finding out from my hubby and my kids, that they think in pictures- and they feel like speaking in English is like translating from their first language (pics) to a second language (words).  And suddenly, it was not so hard to understand; reading in your native language is a happy place.


Now- My sweet TeaRose found a book at the school library… and it’s pure love.  Not only Manga, but is a lovely little story of a young mother’s efforts to raise a severely Autistic boy in modern Japan.

She has these (the first 2, so far) in the place of honor on her night table, after she asked me to read it too, of course.  Then she started asking me very good, direct questions of the “was I like this” and “what are the other ends of the spectrum like with this” sort.  She says it has helped her a lot, and everyone should read it  🙂  and, well- it is actually a good read   (if you are willing to read from the right hand end of the book to the left, Manga style.)

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Guest Post- “Why do People go to Lunch to Socialize?”

This was actually last week’s post; but I have been totally swamped.  This is just a comment that came up in our wonderfully Aspie/HF asd life, and it really is too good not to share.

-sent to me- Nov. 13 2014

Why do people go to Lunch to “socialize?”

You wait in a line, to go sit down in a room, where it’s typically so loud, that you can only hear 1/2  to 3/4 of what the other person is saying. You politely nod your head and smile… except when your mouth is full of food, which is much of the meal (especially at a normal lunch hour from work,  since you only have about 30 minutes to eat, after travel time to get there.)

So there you sit, your mouth full of food, trying to talk with people who can’t really hear what you are saying…
And if the table is large enough, then you are lucky to exchange smiles and a wave.  Tell me again;  How are you supposed to be building a relationship if you can hear almost Nothing of what is said?

Add to that the food is oddly spiced or cold or too hot.  Then we have to pay for this stress.  Can you say ‘what a fantastic experience!’    Let’s do this again next week, shall we?  … eh, no…not really.

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Just Being a Friend…

This is a guest post — written by my youngest son for a class assignment.  Kinda nice to see the world from his eyes.
Just Being a Friend
  “I think everybody’s got to do this everyday. But friendship is a complication of kindness and trustworthy-ness. You have to let them know they can trust you. Then its smooth sailing from there. So, now that we have that covered, here’s how my story began.
“It begins with the rising of the sun on a beautiful school morning. Outside, in the brisk morning air, the bell has rung and everyone’s outside like a barrel full of monkeys, it was recess. The minute I went outside I thought an earthquake hit, but it was just the kids stomping around. However, there was one boy who thought he didn’t fit in with all of those howling monkeys. I felt a heavy-ness in my heart saying to go over and cheer him up, and so I did.
“As I made my way over to him, while dodging some random kids, I thought about what I was going to say to him. It was probably something between “You can do it!” and “Just keep going, man!” We started talking about what our hobbies and what we have in common. As we closed our confersation, I thought about my good deed and how it affected him and me. I notested how my heart felt more elivated and free ‘cause of the good deed that I’ve done.
“I hope you have been a good friend just like I have. And hopfully, you have had a fun time being their friend. THE END.”
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