A Warrior Mom’s gift to Color

I made the mistake once, of telling someone that I hated Mother’s Day. I was hurting, and hoping for some comfort, but instead got a lecture about how it gives families a chance to show their mother how much they are grateful to them.  Well, the years roll on, and my awesome family makes the effort to tell me every. single. day. how much they love me and are grateful for the things I do.  I’m good now, tho I still don’t expect get a traditional “normal” day, with the trappings and cards. Perhaps because of these things,  it has been on my heart all week, to give a card, instead of getting one.

So I drew up this coloring page and wrote a poem for you— all my loved ones and friends; Whether we are young, old, with families or not- we care for each other, putting us all in this boat of life together.  Feel free to pull off this picture and take it with you to color and get silly with, whatever you like.

I Love You.


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Running on a knife edge

I walk the knife’s edge.

As “World Autism Awareness” day approaches, I wonder if that’s all a good thing.

True, when I was growing up, I had never heard of the word.

When my kids were small, neither had most doctors.

Now most people have heard,

seen the t-shirts.

They’re “Aware”

and some care.

But this week, my son spotted my bumper-sticker, “Mom! I can’t believe you have this!

“I can’t believe you would do this to anyone-You know that word is toxic!”

It’s true- In his age group- well, let’s just say if that word comes up-

All the friends he’s been trying to make


into thin air.

“It’s not pretty” he says “and it’s mostly because- of young mothers in all their campaigning.”

Ouch- my heart hurts.   Like a mother bear with unfinishable battles-

I must fight still, to get the help they may need– but I must step with care

For all they crave is to be seen as just kids

No yellow star they must wear

to make people stare.

So Yesterday I put on my red shirt and red shoes, my great big folder in hand as my weapon.

Took on the red tape, and was strong in my stand–it was good.

But then I dropped it all at home in my room, notes will wait.

for Today I will hug, laugh and play without care

of the knife edge- It’s worth it

to be loved by these angel warriors

God placed in my care.

P1010444P1010446P1010445 - Version 2

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Guest Post- Blue

Today’s Poetry is written by my sweet Tea-Rose.  She said  “Everyone says blue is a sad color; but it’s not.”  So she set out to share some blue happiness.


Blue is the color of seas and skies,
Blue’s the shade of butterflies.
Blue is the bird that softly soars,
Blue’s the rain that gently pours.
Blue is the Shell that the Ocean brings,
Blue is the brook that sings and sings.
Blue is the glittering of Sapphires,
Blue’s the hottest of a Blacksmith’s fires.
Blue is fireworks on the Fourth of July,
Blue is Forget-Me-Nots saying not to cry.
Blue is the magical fun of dragonflies,T- fun- Jan 2016
Blue’s the tears of joy in Grandma’s eyes.

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Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve. I found this in my Poems Journal.  Still true. 🙂

Twas the day before Christmas, and I’m very unready
My heart’s in a panic tho the spirit says “steady”.
Hard to do with a cold in your head and muscles unwilling
But then I look at my blessings, with gratitude feeling…
So I keep wrapping gifts to bring little ones cheer
… And I watch as they strive to give their own love this year
Not too bad, I exclaim, as they hide out of sight
I guess that I really am doing all right
Shard Halliday-December 24, 2011


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Early Morning

Sitting here

Though it’s not really quiet,

My heart listens carefully, the house is at peace.

Morning air

is still cool, the birds noisy,

singing their love to the world, before day’s heat makes them cease.


Two of my boys are up

one, bright with the morning; one, I suspect couldn’t sleep.

They stay calm

And let the others stay sleeping

Saturday mornings are treasures we don’t lightly ignore.

It’s all good

even tho sometimes I’m weeping

and stress from the day can leave me flat on the floor.

You see

I love them all fiercely

with a burn in my bones that I can never deny.

And in return

I am loved with all they can muster,

And a whispered promise, from a Father on High.

“Someday”, He says,

“They will grow and be strengthened.

“You are doing ok, feel my Love never-ending,

“Never give up, stand in courage, watch for small things-

“The little moments that remind you

“I’m always nearby.”

clouds 4

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Cry in the night


A cry in the night
Is anyone listening?
The pain fills my heart
Does anyone care?
I whisper a prayer
…as I feel my soul shaking.
Then gently I hear
Someone REALLY is there!
Shard Halliday  -May 16, 2011

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Incredibly beautiful day- the kind that made me write this on my facebook page–

“That incredible moment
-When the clouds have rained themselves out, and are scooting in magical shapes towards the horizon
-The ground is soaking wet
-The air smells clean
-And the sky is that brilliant, pristine, perfect azure blue.
—Sigh of content.  

Ok- in the mood for more poetry- this one is for my friends.


“Hope springs eternal–But the day is long
And sometimes we tire, And it’s hard to press on.
But the Lord sends us strength, He lifts our hearts when we fall;
Hold on and keep trying, he will help you stand tall.”
-by Shard Halliday 2011

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The Night Before Thanksgiving


Twas the night before Thanksgiving,  And all through the house

The chaos has settled, the noise has been doused.

The kid are all cuddled and finally in bed,

with visions of turkey and pies in their heads.

With Grandma and Grandpa,  comfy and sleeping;

I sit here and think- in this vigil I’m keeping–

How very grateful I am for laughter and chatter

The love that we share- those rare gifts that matter.

The grief I have felt when the hard times were rending,

opens the door to miracles unending;

Kids that strive hard, their barriers to hurdle

and show love to each other (and the pun wars kept fertile.)

Thanks to my loved ones who all had their part,

And the Lord’s loving hand to lighten my heart.

As I yawn in exhaustion, my to-do-list shut tight,

Thanksgiving wishes I send, and to all, good night.


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end of the school year rhyme time


‘Twas the night before Summer break, and all thru the house
It’s finally quiet, just my keyboard and mouse.
The chaos has been rather high most of the day,
Lending strength to stress release triggers that play
like dominoes in a house full of cards,
one meltdown blowing the next calm one to shards.
But finals are done now-
Awards are all thru
Put this year on the shelf,
And start fresh and new..
So with a brain that craves sleep more than I dare to admit.
Tomorrow is coming – so this ditty I’ll quit.

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A Valentine for my Superhero

It Started as a Friendship

Like all beginnings should


And it wasn’t really very long

Before all the world felt good.


They say that True Love

Is just Friendship Set on Fire


And the adventure we have traveled

Has just made that flame grow higher.


So here we are -still on the road

My Superhero and Me


It’s been good- but hang on for the ride,

The best is yet to be.


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