Service Mission Moments

Glimpses of the Profound

Me-‘Why did you come home (from church- Singles Ward) early? Did You get a migraine?”

My Young Church Service Missionary-“No.  My heart was racing so bad I couldn’t breath or sit there.”

me-“You ok?”

Him- “Yeah- I got up and bore my testimony today.”

Not much can cause a cascading rush of emotions in a mom quite as good as that.  I am totally aware of the courage, and the spirit, it would have taken for This one of mine to get up and speak in front of others.   As super smart, loving, and deep thinking as he is; still,  getting words to cross that mysteriously semi-broken brain-to-mouth barrier is one of his biggest hurdles in his own, personal grab-bag of ASD struggles.  Anyway, I mentioned that I wished I could have heard it.  So he told me what he said.

He said he was waiting for meeting to start, and happened to open the hymn book to Hymn #235, and also that he thought of Hymn #185.  He said he felt so strongly about what those verses said.  So he got up, and started with the saying “A song of the righteous is a Prayer unto me” and Read to the congregation verse one of 235, and verse three of 185… And finished with his testimony that words have power and closed and sat down.

I was happily amazed.

Then thought.  The second one I had sung many times, but not the first– in fact I can’t remember ever reading it.  So he looked it up for me, and read the two hymns together for me and then I was Thunderstruck. Have you seen them?   I will dare greatly, and copy the verses here as he read them…

“Should you feel inclined to censure Faults you may in others view,   Ask your own heart, ere you venture, If you have not failings, too.  Let not friendly vows be broken; Rather strive a friend to gain.  Many words in anger spoken Find their passage home again.””Bid thin heart all strife to cease; With thy brethren be at peace.  Oh, forgive as thou wouldst be E’en forgiven now by me…”

The feelings in my heart were powerful.  It was my daily reminder that our kids think deep thoughts. Totally makes everything worth it to be able to see those glimpses of eternity peeking thru.


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